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About Us

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Organizations often do not realize that managing people change is the most critical element of any successful transformation. Path-breaking technology inventions, solid business strategies and processes alone may not win the race for organizations at marketplace. Significant efforts need to be invested in making people understand, accept, adopt, drive and sustain change for organizations to realize tangible benefits.

Our Vision

To be the regional center of excellence and the leading consultancy firm in change management.

Our Mission

To help businesses realize the value of change through an innovative change management experience

More than 15 Years
of Experience

We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.

CEO Message


The businesses are going through rapid changes driven by organizations transformation and latest technologies. Researches confirm that major change initiatives will multiply in the next few years.  At Transformation Pioneers by Rihal, we offer the latest change management solutions to help our clients creating a culture that embraces the change and realize the value of people change. The services and relationships with our clients are driven by Transformation Pioneers core values that include:

  • Integrity: to be transparent and responsible in our decisions and actions with our people and clients

  • Excellence: to ensure quality in every aspect of our services

  • Agility: to make a difference for our clients by thinking one step ahead and providing innovative solutions

  • Shared success: to measure our success based on the value that we deliver to our clients and community

Dr. Hamood Al Kharusi

Founder and CEO

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