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Digital Transformation, Something Missing?!

Organizations of all sizes across the world are moving towards digital. With rapidly changing business models and new technology disruptions, organizations need to quickly adapt to the new business climate. Digitalization of their business models is now critical to meet today’s customer expectations. However, studies show that most of these transformation programs fail. Why?

When it comes to digital transformation programs, many organizations are investing in data and latest technologies like analytics, RPA, etc. However, less attention is given to PEOPLE. They are the core asset of any organization transformation and NO value could be realized without them. Change Management is the key concept that can bridge this gap and address the people side of the transformation change. It will effectively manage workforce impacts such as job loss, role change or new skills development. Shall CEOs wait for the transformation programs to start? Or Are there some preparations need to take place?

CEOs must embed continuous improvement in the organizational culture and define organization values that embrace the change that potentially could increase the organization change capacity. Furthermore, the elevation of organization change management competence and maturity are other key aspects that should be under the radar of the organization leader to make it becomes more flexible and responsive.

At Transformation Pioneers, we have the expertise and advanced tools to assess your organization maturity in change management and to develop a roadmap to uplift your maturity level. We also offer training to increase the organization awareness on the change management importance and also specialized training program to build the competency of your change management practitioners. For more info, visit

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