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Change Management for New Technology Implementation

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

  • Implemented the best fit technology solution for my organization but users’ adoption is low!

  • The new technology implementation project was completed and the organization celebrated the launch of the new solution but nobody used it!

  • Employees do not believe in the new technology and view it as a waste of money and time!

If you think only by implementing the latest technologies, you will address business problems then unfortunately you are wrong. However, the good news you are not alone, according to Gartner only one-third of change initiatives succeed. Why?

The real value of any technological change initiative could be only realized through employees’ adoption and utilization of the solution to run organization business. Based on what I ‘ve noticed, several organizations think about the change management and adoption once the technology is completely implemented or once they face a high resistance from the end users. As CEO, CIO or CTO, what should I do?

You need to go beyond new technology announcement and traditional training. Change management is not once off exercise but you should think about the technological change as a journey that consists of six stages:

  1. Clearly define the new technology change and its objectives

  2. Assess the change impacts and analyze the impacted stakeholders

  3. Plan and design the change journey for the impacted stakeholders’ groups

  4. Implement the change plan

  5. Deploy the change at scale

  6. Sustain the change and monitor the adoption KPIs

Whether you are using waterfall or agile project methodologies to implement your technological solutions, at Transformation Pioneers, our innovative change management methodology is aligned with both approaches to achieve the desired project outcomes and successful user adoption.

Know more about our services by visiting and contact us to help you in your change needs.

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